Saturday, May 17, 2008

~* Mother's Day *~

The tulip i got for myself last Saturday at Sungai Wang. RM 6.00 per stalk. Never mind. It is for charity and in return, i got for myself flower. Pathetic. No one is going to buy flower for me so i have to buy it for myself. =_="

My cousin in Netherland is going to laugh at me. All the tulips available at Sungai Wang on that day were from Europe and here by KLM Royal Dutch Airlines. And only recently, she sent to me pictures of her family at a field totally fulled with tulips! Then, there i got for myself a stalk of tulip for RM 6.00. =_="

Oh well, in the evening my mum, bro and i celebrated Mother's Day at T.G.I. Friday. Yes, it was a day earlier. Our initial plan was at Tony Roma's as requested by my mum, but my bro insisted T.G.I. Friday as T.G.I.F has more choices. Due to good recommendation from my bro, i ordered Jack Daniel's shrimps and chicken. Yum yum~ The sauce was extremely delicious! But i was really having difficulty to finish the French beans. Yucks~

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