Saturday, June 14, 2008

*~ She Has Been "Pau-ed" ~*

Okay. I had turned down Josh's invitation to the Hulk Bash at Cineleisure. Seriously, it was such a waste but it was still okay because i had to celebrate Sook Leng's birthday! Oh well, she is my best friend and how could i miss celebrating birthday with her?!!

Okay. Obviously the one on the left is me and the one on the right is Sook Leng.
This picture was taken two years back.
P/S: I miss my long hair so muchhhh.......

Few weeks back after realising that i have to attend a camp on 21st and 22nd (which is next Saturday and Sunday), i knew that i had to celebrate her birthday in advance. Yesshh~ Her birthday is on the 21st. I also knew that she is very busy and thus i had to "book" her in advance too! I tricked her by telling that i had tickets to attend a beauty workshop in Bukit Bintang.

Today, i met her outside Low Yat Plaza. I brought her to buy a slice of cake from Starbucks. Then, i dragged her into Sushi King for lunch. We really had a nice chat there like usual and our topics were not other than our works, her studies and guys around us. Okay. She had cake, a nice meal but not a present. So, how?

Yeshhh~ We went to MNG and i had used my very first voucher with her. The moment we entered the shop, i just asked her to choose whatever she wanted and i would pay for it. Not only she got a top for herself, i did get a top for myself too! After we came out from the shop, we had this conversation:

Are you feeling happy today? I'm so sorry that i don't really have time to prepare for your birthday.

Sook Leng:
No arkkkk..... I'm really happy. Do you know what i thought while i was in the fitting room trying the top?

Today, you feel like you're kena pau-ed by me?

Sook Leng:
Yeah... Exactly! The moment we entered the shop, you kept asking me to choose whatever i wanted. At Sushi King, you asked me to eat whatever i wanted too!

Well... So coincidence that i am working right now. Thus, i can have a slightly more expensive birthday for you this year compared to previous years. No guarantee that i can do the same thing for you every year. Now i have the chance, so why not just do it?

Oh yeah~ She really thought that we were attending a beauty workshop today. =_=" GOTCHA!

By the way, HAPPY BIRTHDAY in advance, girl!

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