Sunday, June 8, 2008

~* Busy But Still Enjoying *~

Instead of 6, i have started to work until 12 midnight since Tuesday and the following things happened:

  • I craved for McDonald's and pizza the week before and
    Dinner on Tuesday: Domino's Pizza
    Lunch on Wednesday: Pizza Hut
    Dinner on Wednesday: McDonald's

  • Lunch on Thursday: Bukhara Briyani from Syed's Restaurant. Err... I finished the whole box amazingly when others could not. And yeah, that made me having fever in the evening because of my stomach. I kept on starved myself until my stomach was so bloated with air, then i ate a big portion of food. I was having problem in digesting the food.

  • On Friday, I went to the washroom (You know laaaa as in going to the washroom for what reason. I don't need to elaborate further here.) for four times due to that! Few people in the office knew about it and they really cared. They asked me to drink a lot of water, take medicine (which i did not do it and i hate doing it), eat slowly, and don't have oily food.

    However, basically, there was one person who did all those that i mentioned. It was Richard! *Applause* He had to, or else, if i was really sicked, he would be bored to death since no one was going to be tortured by him.

    I always tell my mum (i tell my mum everything that happens, okay?) on how he bullies me. And, my mum is going to steam 2 dumplings for him tomorrow! Must be thanking him for torturing and bullying me so well... =_="

  • Another two rounds to the washroom early in the morning on Saturday. Damn it! Both also happened when i woke up, and immediately the pain came. It was like my body sent a signal to my brain telling, "Alert! Alert! She has waken up. She has waken up. Attack! Attack!"

  • I am seriously feeling very tired and sleepy since after i have started to work until late night. I have screwed up my sleeping time. Yet, i am still enjoying the work! I am not mad, okay? Seriously, i am having fun working there.

    However, i think i have generated workplace conflicts without me wanting or knowing it. Also, i start to question my EFFICIENCY since i am involved in this assignment. But, seriously, God just gives me a pair of hands and i can't clone myself. Thus, my efficiency is limited and has reached the highest point. I really work for nonstop and multitask with this pair of hands but it does not seem to be enough to other people. Not only to other people, but it does not seem to be enough for me too! It is so frustrating! I have really tried my best and i am still trying... T.T

Okay. Today is the Dumpling Festival and my mum, bro and i went out for dinner. I was really looking forward to eat the eggplant in Vietnamese style. At first mum said no because of the pronounciation in Cantonese and today is a festival day. "Ngai Kua" Ngai Kua" Kua Kua Kua... (Die Die Die...) It did not sound good. But since i said last time she promised me that i could get to eat this today, so she still ordered this in the end. She loves me mahhh.... Furthermore, i have been working so hard recently.

Okay... now, i am addicted "Always Be My Baby" by David Cook. Seriously, this version is much better than Mariah Carey's one. Yeshhhh~ I am so addicted to this song right now. I even have changed my blarrrrdyyyy ringtone to this song as well. :D Who introduced this song to me? Richard laa..... Yeah~ it is him again. Getting bored with him already. I need to see him for another... let me see... 7 WEEKS! Gosh~ =_="

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