Sunday, June 15, 2008

~* Time To Reflect *~

Well, i was browsing my folders to organise them nicely and i came across all these nice pictures i have that really remind me the moments i spent in high school and also with my fellow SASA friends.

Okay... First of all, this is me doing the *peace* sign in the school hall few days before SPM.

Carolyn, me, Mei Ping and Sook Yen at the farewell party for the Form 5 prefects.
The outstanding me in the picture.
And Sook Yen just came out of no where. =_="

Khit Yeng with her messy hair, Mei Ping, Eliza, me the poser and Shiu Wah.
Neat lerr my hair when i was in high school.

Okay... We were at KLCC Park to take pictures for our profile pages in the school magazine.
They purposely paired up and left me alone with the damn tree. T_T
See the first two on your most left?
They are not lesbians!
You know, girls sometimes just don't mind hugging each other tightly.
Me too!

In 2006, together with Ee Ling, Vivian and some other Marketing Department staffs, we went to several states for the scholarship interview sessions.
If i am not mistaken, Penang was our first stop.
Not only eating nonstop, but taking pictures nonstop too.

Okay... The boyish me in Seremban having KFC for dinner.

Vivian, me and Ee Ling by the pool side.

After all the roadshows had finished, here came the presentation ceremony for those successful scholarship receivers. This time, almost all of the SASA students were there to help out and we were able to have a very nice photography session in a group.


Anonymous said...

EKK!! MII was so attractive last time!! cute somemore!!! Haih.. look at u know~~ =P STILL so attractive laaa~~ but different target audience only~ ahha hey, missed u la, when mau keluar?

char siew

Autumn Babe said...

yea lor.. so wasted la.. target the wrong audience only... ai sehhh~

peterfong said...

sweet memories...

the 1st stop was in ipoh.

Autumn Babe said...

har? i tot the first stop was penang tim...