Tuesday, June 22, 2010

*~ Mixed Pork Innards Soup @ Pudu ~*

Although bf and i had our lunch at Taste of Foochow, we went back to Pudu for dinner - Wai Sik Kai (Jalan Sayur) - on the same day. We had mum with us too. I was so sure that bf would love what i'm going to introduce now.

Mixed Pork Innards Soup.
We ordered the portion for one person but it was enough to feed bf and i. Together with two bowls of rice, this soup cost RM8.00. The soup was clear and the pork innards looked clean. Love this to the max! Bf just loves pork even when it involves the innards except for what bf called as the "bloody jelly" (pork blood).

The famous Fried Carrot Cake without egg (RM3.00) for sharing.
It's always better to have this there instantly than taking it away. To me, this is overrated by some people. The taste is just average but i would not deny that the carrot cake is much softer compared to the rest.

Mum's Fried Char Kuey Teow (RM3.50).
Simply delicious and it had lots of cockles in it! (Sorry. This picture was taken after i ate most of the cockles because mum just dislikes cockles!)

Tauhu Bakar right in front of the stall selling the pork innards soup. I have forgotten the price for this and it was not delicious. Another bigger tauhu bakar stall opposite this one sold better looking tauhu bakar but i did not try. If i am there for dinner again, i will try the tauhu bakar from the bigger stall.

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