Friday, June 11, 2010

~* Paris Hilton Wristlet *~

After attending an interview, i went to KLCC which is just nearby for lunch. I felt so terribly lonely having my lunch all by myself until i almost wanted to cry out. Having lunch alone is actually not that bad. It is that i really have a bad week that worsens my emotion.

Since i had not been going to KLCC for a long time, i took this opportunity to walk around. And i got this Paris Hilton wristlet from Parkson. It is so happened that Paris Hilton is having promotion at KLCC this weekend, it has discount for all its products including new arrivals! Then, next week is Parkson Pavilion's turn!

Call me an idiot for purchasing this wristlet which has the simplest design. But with the discount i got, how it easily matches any occasions and as an after-exam reward to myself, i actually think it is really worth my money.

I had saved some money over the past few weeks when i was busy with my studies and i am going to get back few hundred bucks when i return my student ID to the college. This means i have money to spend during my break now without digging deep into my piggy bank! Whee~ So many things to be accomplished before starting to work.


taufulou said...

simple is long as you like it can d ma~

Anonymous said...

I am ur classmate tat same class wif u in mgt 303.. mayb u dun remember me?? Anyway, I am just curious tat we can take back money when return our student ID??

Shu Ting

Autumn said...

[taufulou] haha.. yea lo.. which i like it soooo much!

[shuting] sent a msg to your fb inbox dy. easier to communicate with you there