Tuesday, June 15, 2010

*~ Taste of Foochow - Revisit ~*

Bf was not with me during my first visit to Taste of Foochow in Pudu because he had gone to France. I wanted him to try the food there. So, i suggested to have our lunch there last Saturday.

We had a bowl of clear soup rice vermicelli with Foochow fishballs which were filled with minced meat. The bowl only had two Foochow fishballs. I expected at least three. No wonder the lady asked me if i wanted to add a bowl of Foochow fishballs. Nice to have this with the spicy dipping sauce provided.

Of course i ordered the fried dumpling too! Love this to the max! But i was disappointed that it was not as piping hot as the one i had during my first visit! Perhaps, i should said, "It was cold." I think the best time to go for this dumpling is at 11 something. During my first visit, the uncle was still frying the dumpling around that time. And once he had done, that was it. He stopped frying. He left the dumplings on the table to be sold. But bf and i were only there at 12 something.

Not forgetting that i ordered what they are well known for - Red Wine Chicken Mee Sua. At first, i could not get used to the taste but later on, i was alright with it. Instead, i had hard time stopping myself from continuously having the soup. And the meat just fell off from the bone so easily.

Super delicious? Not really. Something different? Yes!

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taufulou said...

i want the red wine chicken mee sua..
so near my place...
got address ah?