Thursday, June 24, 2010

~* 3.6 Tea Break @ Luk Yu Tea House*~

Mum and i had tea time at Luk Yu Tea House in Starhill for the 3.6 Tea Time promotion after my last visit with bf to Fisherman's Cove.

Steam Egg Chee Cheong Fun
I prefer the one i tried at Newton Culture Food Village in Malacca which had better texture in sweet sauce, chili sauce, spring onion and sesame.

Deep-Fried Prawns served with Salad.

Err... It was supposed to be "served with mayonnaise." Misleading name in the menu. A normal dim sum shop does a better job in this. It was not hot enough. It was not crispy enough. Instead, the side where the wrapping skin met was a little bit hard.

Chicken Bundle with Four Varieties
Ooo. Love this. The sweet juice just oozed out when i took a bite. A simple and delicious dim sum with a hint of mushroom taste.

Beancurd Skin Roll served with Oyster Sauce
Another simple and delicious dim sum! The oyster sauce was different than the one used for home cooking.

Baked Sweet Yam Puff
The dim sum that i was so eager to try! It reminds me of Teochew mooncake with flaky pastry skin. No matter how much i love this, having one was enough because of the stomach discomfort i had. Anyway, this was really nice with its not overly sweet yam paste and flaky pastry skin. Not forgetting, it involved effortless biting! Sooooooo soft!

Fried Rice Vermicelli
... with generous amount of ingredients! And it tasted like Singaporean Fried Rice Vermicelli even though it did not look like one. Mum enjoyed eating this!

Mum knew it would cost RM3.60 ++ (RM4.15 after taking into consideration the taxes) per item. But somehow, she got shocked when the total bill came to RM29.00 for 7 items, including mum's Cappuccino. Nice treat for mum on her birthday without burning a hole in the wallet.


craxgrl said...

see? toldcha the yam ball thingy was nice..heheh

Jacklicious said...

whoa... so cheap? geng wor... hahaha