Tuesday, June 23, 2009

~* Malacca : When Stop Eating Was Impossible *~

I had to wake the pig up the next morning. Grrr...!

Breakfast! It was included in the hotel rate paid. Although it was not in buffet style, both of us still loved it so much. As you can see, the set even came with a small bottle of yoghurt drink.

His expression tells you everything.

After breakfast, we went for a morning walk; did it the tourist way.

Stadhuys a.k.a. Red Building.

His photography skill is getting better.

St. Paul's Church.

Boyfriend's second Malacca hot shot.

I also wanted to have one!

He is such a good poser!

Malacca is like a very big theme park. The day before we went for Malacca River Cruise. The next day, we went to Menara Taming Sari.

One person for RM 20. However, if you flash your identification card, you only need to pay RM 10.

Boyfriend's sexy back.

He thought that i did not realise. Instead, i knew and i could posed in time for the shot.

Up in the sky!

Maritime Museum.

Stomachache look.

The weather was so hot! We walked all the way to Jonker Street for cendol session.

Nyonya asam laksa.

I love the thickness and sweetness of the gula Melaka.

We also went to have satay. Pork satay, okay!

RM0.60 per stick. No beef is served. Only chicken and pork.

Pork intestine and pork meat.

He is truely a pork lover.

Last stop before we started our journey back to Kuala Lumpur: Newton Culture Food Village uses food court concept.

We wanted to eat the famous popiah but the stall was close. We only managed to eat chee cheong fun there. Still, the chee cheong fun was so delicious with a layer of smooth steamed egg!

It was pouring like mad again in the afternoon when we were on our way home.

That's all about the trip to Malacca. We ate too much. We camwhored too much.

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