Friday, June 19, 2009

*~ Sharon's 21st Birthday ~*

It's Sharon's 21st birthday! After the exam, we went to Mid Valley to meet up with the rest at Amarin Heavenly Thai. Yes, Thai food for lunch as she wished.

She looks like Monalisa. Year 2009 version.

Knowing that she wanted to straighten her hair during the semester break, we thought of subsidising her for that. But, she gave us a shock when she reached college today with her hair straightened. She did it when we had few days in between the papers. She just could not stand any longer to have her hair straightened. Luckily, we had second plan which was getting her some Jusco gift vouchers. She loves shopping at Jusco.

Suet Mei and Gavin. Suet Mei did not feel peaceful at all while eating with Gavin buzzing around.

Seak Ling, Fira and Mun Yee.

Fira with the birthday girl.

Boyfriend and I.

Michelle Tan and Wei-I.

The one next to Sharon is Grace.

Lastly, a nice group picture.

This might also be my last time seeing Grace and Gavin before they leave to Australia in July since i will start getting busy with work soon. Sob sob...

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Grace said...

I'll miss you!

Come hang out with me one last time lar - we can go for a movie or cooking with wei i and sharon :D