Friday, June 5, 2009

~* Bye Stress, Hi Stress *~

Bye bye, stress. After one week, i finally got the chance to meet him. Both of us are really busy preparing for our final examination but we manage to spend some time with each other. I always enjoy his company. Sadness and all those negative feelings will fade away very quickly whenever he is around. Afterall, i don't believe that continuously stressing myself to study will work on me.

Spending the last three days at home studying was not easy. Most of the time, i got distracted. I always felt hungry. I always felt sleepy. I watched television. I went online. I have the habit of listen to songs while studying. Songs may be helpful but at the same time, songs can be distracting. The distracting part is when i start to daydream according to what songs are being played. Good songs lead to good daydream. Bad songs lead to tears and frustration. I bet the same things will continue to happen for the next two weeks until i have finished my final examination. So, hi again, stress.

I also bet that i am going to gain weight during this period. Although i cut down the food proportion, eat during main meals only, avoid snacking unhealthy snacks and avoid eating oily food, i still take carbohydrates and just sit down studying for exam without exercising.

May God bless me.

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