Tuesday, June 23, 2009

*~ Malacca : Worshipping The Balls ~*

I went to Malacca with boyfriend on last Saturday for a 2 days and 1 night trip. It was raining cats and dogs when he fetched me at 10 in the morning.

Either that or it was drizzling all the way. As if the dark clouds were following us all the way to Malacca.

When he was driving and could not pay much attention to me, i entertained myself with the best thing i do always. Camwhoring.

Once we reached Malacca, we went for lunch. While waiting for our turn, we took our very first picture in Malacca.

Chicken rice balls. Who does not worship the balls of Malacca?

After the lunch, we went right across the street for durian cendol.

I was trying to mix all the ingredients. It was quite tasteless when i expected this to be sweet.

At the same place, we saw this as well. Pancake with kaya (i think) in it. Nice and not sweet.

At 2 in the afternoon, it was time for us to check into Aldy Hotel. I really love the hotel. Extremely strategic location. Nice and clean room (and the bathroom as well). We were even provided with robes, sarung, hair dryer, mini fridge, safe, main Astro channels! RM161.00 (including GST) for one night stay at the hotel.

Next stop was Dataran Pahlawan.

We went to Nadeje Pastisserie Cafe which is well-known in Malacca for its french dessert, Mille Crepe. A dessert that requires huge effort.

This shop is not like those shops selling things at RM 5 per item in KL. Daiso is so much better; selling Japanese items. Snacks, cosmetics, gardening tools, kitchen utensils and so on. It is not easy for someone like me who can shop at this kind of shop because i am afraid of low quality stuffs that are cheap. I was so wrong! Even boyfriend also could not resist to grab some stuffs there.

We continued walking around the town and snapping pictures.

We also went for Malacca River Cruise.

After the river cruise, it was time for dinner. We walk all the way to this shop which is very famous for its satay celup. Steamboat ingredients but in satay sauce. Just like lunch, we queued again for this.

I told boyfriend not to eat so much first so that we could have food hunting activity at Jonker Street.

Night view of Malacca River.

Jonker Street.

Fruit candy.


Errr... When it comes to this, i think KL has nicer and cheaper one.

Yam coin. Yum yum... This is my all-time favourite.

Fried oyster. I still prefer the one in Penang.

This is for mum as requested. It's made of winter melon.

Again, this is my all-time favourite. Pineapple tart.

-The end of day 1 in Malacca-


Anonymous said...

looks good mii! XD i wana try satay celup~ nice? btw d fried oysters doesn't look good to me.=( cant even SPOT any oysters. not even 1 =(
tell me more about malacca! we're planning to go there soon. our psych gang =D

-siew yuk- XD

gadiy :) said...

walaoweh... such a babi trip, get to eat so much :P