Monday, June 8, 2009

*~ Crap Post ~*

Dearest the one who has the job similar to Santa Clause, but mainly taking charge of money or birthday wishes,

To sum it up, i have been a very good girl this year when it comes to spending. I seriously save up to get what i want. But until this moment, part of the money that i saved up had gone to necessity. When i mention necessity, i mean it! If not necessity, then it must be something extremely important. Partly contribution to my driving license. Buying a new pair of spectacles; i don't want to spoil my eyes further during this exam period. Going for a trip after the final exam. By the way, i study very hard too! Real hard.

I admit that i still splurge like nobody's business but it really happens once in blue moon, i swear. The spending is still within what i have saved. Lunch in college is just at mamak stalls having roti canai (the cheapest) to nasi goreng (4 bucks is the most); definitely lesser than the amount i spend on public transports everyday. That's why i tend to spend a little bit more during weekends.

Besides good surprises, all i wish for my 21st birthday is an Ipod Touch, something that i always want so badly. I don't mind if it is 8 GB, but of course, it will be best if it is 32 GB. You see, at least i am not asking for a Blackberry. Thus, be kind to me, drop me an Ipod Touch! Otherwise, drop me a few hundred bucks. I don't mind contributing another few hundred bucks on my own.

Yours truly,

PS: If this person really exists....

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