Tuesday, June 30, 2009

~* Please Save Me Away From Food! *~

Seak Ling and i just finished our lunch but lunch hour is not over yet. Anyway, both of us really ate a lot. We had our breakfast at home. Then, Eugene's mum bought some yau char kuai for me since Eugene kept on reminding his mum to do so. But, he reminded her on the wrong day because he supposed to do so next Monday! I shared the yau char kuai with Seak Ling as well for brunch. We share everything over here. From workloads to food!

Few hours later, it was time for lunch but actually we were not that hungry yet. But, for the sake of lunch time, we ate again. I don't want to have so-called lunch during tea-time. *Burp* The rest of the people now are having their nasi bukhara. Yes, people are having their lunch in the office pantry right now, but not the few of us. To compensate for the facts that we were not having nasi bukhara, we had been treated with ice-cream!

People in the office have been telling me that it is useless to look slim now because they believe that i will be gaining back the weight after a month here. It is becoming true! Shit!

Alright, back to work.

Update: Someone bought puffs for everyone. I just had one. Buurrrpp!


Richard Ling said...

gaining weight is good`
i want.

Jacklicious said...

lol... wah... working also can have ur weight gained... geng... lol.. neva mind la... hahaha...