Friday, June 19, 2009

~* Done & Alive *~

I just came out from the exam hall 55 minutes earlier. I finished all the questions, alright? How much i will get and how well i do is another matter. One booklet has 8 pages and i could only use up to 6 pages. Some questions were same or somehow similar to those questions discussed in the class before. Even those sample answers took up to half a page to one pages. I do not understand how other people could ask for another booklet of 8 pages. I did flip through the pages few times to make sure that i had written whatever i knew before passing up the answer booklet. People who took another booklet really scared me. I told myself that i wrote enough and straight to the point, nothing left in my mind, whatever i knew had been vomitted out; hence, i could pass up the paper. Writing a lot does not mean granting one with extra marks, okay?

Alright. I am waiting for the rest to come out from the exam hall. Then, we will head to Mid Valley to celebrate Sharon's birthday. Toodles!

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