Thursday, June 11, 2009

~* Stress + Stress = Damn Stressed *~

i received a call and then i made another call
it reminded me of my 20th birthday last year
that almost went cancelled
because i wanted to cancel it
after landed myself in frustration

the feeling is the same
the only difference is
i do not want to cancel it this time
i rather choose to postpone it
i could not!
but only to delay it
from morning to afternoon

i was feeling so mad
i was feeling so awful
making me feel like i'm going to be in a rush
or was it because i have prepared myself mentally
that it is going to be in the morning?
thus i could not take it when i was told to delay it
or was it because i am going to lose the few precious hours
when initially we could spend those hours together?

when a plan turns out to be so important or meaningful to me
why must it have so many blocks ahead?

does he even know how i feel right now?

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