Friday, June 4, 2010

*~ Beloved Telur Bistik ~*

We love going to HP Tower for lunch whenever we have the time and are not too lazy to walk all the way there. A lot of choices. Delicious. Inexpensive. But not many would love going there because one will have those grilling and frying odours after eating.

Recently, we are hooked to Nasi Telur Bistik (RM4.00), especially Seak Ling and Guo Ming, since after we introduced it to him two or three weeks ago. It's similar to Nasi Paprik but the chicken is fried with egg. Simple but the egg really has strong "wok hei." And one can have all the nutrition he/she needs with other ingredients in the same plate such as French beans, onion, carrot and cauliflower. And the gravy is so appetising when having it with rice!

Today might be our very last time eating there. Sob!!! Exam is coming to its end and after this we won't be really coming back to college anymore. If everything goes well, we will be graduating soon!

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taufulou said...

very long didnt eat this and visit malay stall d..

next stop would be i think ampang area for malay food..:D