Saturday, May 29, 2010

~* Hokkien Mee @ Aik Yuen *~

Bf told me about this place behind Tawakal Hospital which is well known for their lala (clams) and Hokkien mee. So, we went there for dinner today. The name of the place is Restoran Aik Yuen and it is really behind Tawakal Hospital. Hence, finding it shouldn't be a problem to anyone.

"Oh... How do i live without you~"

Poor cat. It came to us... Errr... I should say that i made it came to us.

Hokkien Mee.

Yee Mee.

And both plates came with big chunks of pork lard. I don't know why they are well known for their Hokkien Mee. To me, it was just average. Nothing to shout about. Perhaps, i am not a fan of Hokkien Mee or i don't really know how to consider a plate of Hokkien mee as delicious.

Then we also had a plate of Sweet and Sour Lala. We saw a lot of people ordering this style of lala. When i first ate it, i told myself that the taste was so familiar. Then i realised, "Oh... My mum knows how to cook the exact same sauce. This is her way of cooking lala and prawn at home, using both ketchup and chili sauce and adding in chopped garlic and ginger." So, this lala dish had failed to impress me!

The plate of lala was RM10.00 and the bill for food alone was RM22.00. So i assume that each plate of noodle should be RM6.00. But looking at the portion, i think each plate should only worth RM5.00.

I regretted for not ordering their well known fried fish cake. It smelled so nice when the tables on our left and right had it. Oh well, we still can go back there anytime :)

Restoran Aik Yuen
Behind Tawakal Hospital
Jalan Sarikei
Off Jalan Pahang Barat
53000 Kuala Lumpur


taufulou said...

hmm..not that good huh~

would not put into my list d~

Autumn said...

erm... just too ordinary lor... really nothing much. if just for a cincai dinner, then may be it is ok.