Monday, May 17, 2010

*~ Yakiniku @ Pandan Indah ~*

Last Saturday, bf and i went for dinner at Yakiniku in Pandan Indah for some grilled meat We had bacon, as recommended in the menu and by other bloggers, and lamb shoulder. I love how the meat were thinly sliced. Because of this reason also, it was not that super cheap as claimed by other bloggers. Just reasonable. The portion was quite small even though the picture makes it looked big. Perhaps, it is really cheap when compared to other restaurants offering grilled meat, especially Korean BBQ.

Bacon (RM5.90)

Lamb shoulder (RM6.90)

After the bacon got grilled.
The sauce that they put on the meat before grilling really made the meat tasted so delicious. But bf and i also dipped into the condiment provided. The condiment was salty like soy sauce but a little bit sour at the same time due to lime juice they squeezed into it, i think. The meat and condiment really went well with white rice! So appetizing that i could have another bowl of rice if i had wanted to!

We shared a plate of Kimuchi Fried Rice (RM7.90) that came with a bowl of Miso soup. Forget about the Miso soup as it was really tasteless. Similar to our sambal fried rice but with the hint of the kimuchi's sourness. It had chicken, shrimps, filament crab stick and squid rings in it! Two thumbs up for this fried rice!

Tempura Squid Rings (RM6.90)
I love this too for no reason. Perhaps, just like the grilled meat, it went well with the white rice when we dipped into the Thai chili sauce provided or the condiment for the grilled meat.

Bf and i shared Red Plum Ice-blended (RM5.00). This was real good while having the grilled meat. Thirst-quenching drink. But you might feel dehydrated later on. It was similar to the "kat zhai suen mui" (lime with asamboi) drink. I don't know about you all. But sometimes, i do feel dehydrated after having drinks similar to "kat zhai suen mui."

While the price for the grilled meat was just reasonable, the rest of the items we ordered were really cheap! Bf and i have vowed to go back again!

For more details, check out the reviews by Cheesie and Eric Yong. They actually listed out the price for other items in the menu. And Cheesie will tell you how to get there at the end of her review. It is so near to Steven's Corner. Bf and i managed to find this place easily.


MiChElLe said...

They charge RM2 for a plate of ginger!

Autumn said...

Eh.. i don't remember them serving me ginger.

MiChElLe said...

ginger is served upon request. and they charge.