Sunday, May 2, 2010

*~ The Unplanned One Day Trip ~*

Ah... The one day trip to Genting was not supposed in my schedule for the past 7 days until bf invited me on Tuesday evening to join his friends for the trip on Thursday.

Bf and i reached Genting at 10.30 and without wasting our time, we immediately went to the outdoor theme park. It was great that we entered the theme park early because there were not many people at that time and we got to enjoy the rides without having to wait for so long - except for the Fun Kart that, according to bf, we waited for nearly 1.5 hours. But more and more people came in when the day got later.

I'm not trying to be racist here but just to share with you that i felt like i was in India because most of the visitors in the theme park were tourists from India or countries like Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Bangladesh. I don't know how to differentiate them.

And something that i could not forget when we were queuing up for Fun Kart. Bf and i did not realise that our queue was being cut by few uncles while watching other people racing. Fine. i thought of keeping my mouth shut until the uncle continued shouting for his friends to come and cut the queue right in front of my eyes. I looked at one uncle climbing in and i asked, "Hey! What are you trying to do?!" One of the uncles trying to defend themselves showed us a document and babbling.

I did not even understand what he was trying to say but looking at his document, it was a passport! I never know showing passport in Genting would give you the privilege to enjoy the rides first. Perhaps, i should show my MyKad to prove that i am local and government always insists that locals should be prioritised first.

Bf seemed to ignore what the uncles tried to justify and told them it was so unfair for us and the rest of the people who were queuing up at the back. Eventually, they let both of us to go first and the remaining people at the back chose to shut up. Uncles who behaved worse than kids! I know Genting is a tourism spot, but it does not mean that tourists can do anything they want including taking some unethical actions. Some other tourists still queued up before they got to enjoy their rides!

Anyway, bf and i felt quite warm in Genting until it rained cats and dogs in the afternoon. While both of us had most of the rides we wanted, bf's friends only managed to enjoyed a few of them because they arrived later and most of the rides were close due to the heavy rain.

I like this picture. It's so colourful :)

I like this too because, again, it is so colourful! :)
At first, bf was so reluctant to go for Merry-Go-Round but i was so eager to ride on it! Don't ask me why but i just felt so. I had to do some silly expressions to make him agreed. Because it was still raining heavily, the guy who took charge of this ride let us stayed in it for as long as we wanted.

Some of bf's friends.
I like this picture too because it looks like it is framed.

The group picture.

It rained nonstop on that day. After going to the arcade, we really had nothing to do and hence, spent our time in the hotel room. His friends intended to stay one night but not bf and i. So, we still had to leave even though it was still raining. However, we stopped at Gohtong Jaya for dinner. I asked mum what's nice for dinner there but bf and i still ended up in the wrong restaurant. But thank God, the food at Restoran Guan Kie was still nice!

Since there were two of us, we could only order two dishes. Meat was a must but i decided not to order veggie because i was craving for beancurd with hot thick gravy.

Beancurd with minced pork (RM10.00).

Fried sliced pork in i-don't-know-what sauce (RM10.oo).
It was their own special sauce, perhaps. Don't get fooled by its presentation. It was actually delicious, crunchy and somehow different.

But don't order this if you are craving for big chunky pork.

I really enjoyed myself so much, putting away my graduation project for a day. It was just for one day, to a place i had been there for so many times before, but i felt so happy... just like a kid again.


Jacklicious said...

awww... so nice... hahahaha

taufulou said...

if i m in the good mood, i wont scold them..

if in bad mood, they going to get it.. but usualyl i see how many ppl they are asking to cut in..more then 3..definately ask them to crawl to the back and line up!

Autumn said...

[jack] memang nice! don't know why. perhaps i did not need to think about my graduation project on that day.

[taufulou] if one or two people then i could keep my mouth shut too especially when, like you said, in the good mood. but if so many people, good mood also could not give face to them. >.<