Wednesday, May 19, 2010

~* Dim Sum @ Mee Bon *~

Dim sum at Kedai Kopi Mee Bon, Jalan Ipoh was not that great. Limited selections with no fried stuff and unimpressive presentation. I would love my dim sum session to be completed with fried stuff. At least it worked to prevent me from binge eating in the late afternoon. But i did snap pictures of the chee cheong fun and loh mai kai. Excluding the chee cheong fun and loh mai kai, only 5 types of steam dim sum were ordered. Others did not seem to attract me.

Chee Cheong Fun.
The soy sauce did not taste nice with the chee cheong fun. Meanwhile, the chili was not fragrant and spicy. It tasted bland. I wish it could be spicier.

Loh Mai Kai.
It was simple with only glutinous rice and chicken. No mushroom. No waxed sausage. To me, this was the best during the dim sum session though it was oily. Come on... it's always meant to be oily. I can consider, but not must, going back there again if i am really craving for a loh mai kai.

But i truly enjoyed the session with my company...

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