Saturday, March 13, 2010

~* Exploring Pudu *~

Actually, i planned to explore Pudu when bf would be in France. Only this morning i had the urge to do it. So, i read about this Hakka noodle at Jalan Sayur (wai sik kai). I don't have any memory of me eating Hakka noodle before this morning. However, mum told me that i had. Perhaps, i was still a small kid at that time.

A number of bloggers agreed that this is the best Hakka noodle in town and some even said it is better than Chong Ko Hakka Noodle in Pandan Indah.

The Hakka noodle (RM4.00 for small) came with a bowl of wan tan. The texture of the noodle was alright but i found the overall taste quite bland. The minced meat did not really help making the bowl of noodle flavourful but surprisingly, the char siew did! And there's nothing to shout about the wan tan... If this is already the best Hakka noodle in town, i don't think i will have the need to explore other Hakka noodle.

Then, i walked all the way to Jalan Gajah off Jalan Yew for some Foochow food. I expected two things: (1) there would be an uncle sitting outside frying the Foochow dumpling and (2) there would be a lot of people.

I was quite disappointed when i did not find any uncle sitting outside since my main reason there was to try the fried dumpling. And the restaurant was quite empty with only 2 tables being occupied.

Then, as i walked in, i saw this uncle frying the dumpling and if i am not mistaken, he's the owner. Wheeeeee, i was so happy that i came at the right now and could try the fried dumpling!

The flavourful fried dumpling (RM1.20 per piece) had a very strong Chinese parsley smell! To be very honest, i dislike Chinese parsley at all. But, somehow, i like it in the dumpling along with other ingredients such as chopped shrimps and minced pork. Otherwise, i would feel so jelak because the pork in both my dumpling and fishballs. I love the crispy skin too!!! Some of you might find it a little bit salty when eating it alone. But i would not deny that it can be a very delicious snack!

Since i already had the Hakka noodle, i just ordered a bowl of fishballs filled with minced pork (RM4.oo for 5 pieces). Eating the minced pork was like having siu mai because of the same pork taste. And the fishballs were very bouncy... Yum yum... It can be quite jelak with all the minced pork.

Exploring Pudu led me to the discovery of Yee Sang Fat which is just few shops away from this Taste of Foochow restaurant. I got to know from KY's blog that Yee Sang Fat has nice steamed fish head and fried brinjal. I also discovered Soon Fatt that's well known for its sesame roast duck. I will definitely go to these two places in near future.

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