Friday, March 12, 2010

*~ An Idiot Like Me ~*

I'm totally useless. I can't even bear with it for two weeks. I feel like i have no choice but to tell him how i feel. Perhaps, he is unhappy with what i have send to him. Nonetheless, if he really understood me, he would know that i am not that kind of person who can just keep the unhappy stuff in my heart and only wait for the suitable time to lash everything out. That's not me. The most i can keep the unhappy stuff is only for few days. If he really understood me, he would also know that once i have said everything out, my life goes on. That's just ME! And yes, i am still struggling with my emotional problems.

I still remember how my friend told me that my personal blog has somehow become a food blog. There were few times i wanted to get personal here but i decided not to do it in the end. But i could not believe that when i finally get personal, it has to do with me struggling with my emotional problems when two of us are in different parts of the world. And yes, i would not deny that i get very attached to him. If it was not because of all this, i would not know that i miss him so much.

I told Krystle Lui about my problem, and she replied, "Girls are like that." So, is it really that normal?


Anonymous said...

x worries... what your fren krystle lui tell you are right... coz i was kind of shock readin ur last 3 post...everything u wrote resembles what i've felt before too. V girls are girls after all =)

p/s; u & ur bf r so sweet, am sure he loves u as much as u love him or even more ^^

Autumn said...

hey, thanks for making me feel better. but i don't know why that i was a little bit exaggerating and got paranoid easily. :S