Monday, March 15, 2010

*~ From France With Love ~*

I'm glad that everything is over because he's back! Whee... We met up at KL Sentral once he touched down this evening. I followed him going back to his home before heading back to my home for dinner. While he was busy unpacking his stuff, i looked into his bags for souvenirs from France since he already showed to me in the cab which bags had souvenirs.

Of course i got very excited when i found the macaroons that i wanted all the way from France.I thought that would be the only thing he got for me since i did not hope for anything else as things are not that cheap there after converting back to ringgit. I was wrong :) He bought chocolates too which he shared half with me. After Eight thin chocolate mints... I love thin chocolate mints, okay? He even bought pate. Good for us who don't know how to cook French food like pate. And yea, i got my share of pate as well.

Instead of clothes, he bought liquor for himself like the bottle of flavoured beer and Chivas Regal. Not forgetting a small bottle of whiskey to keep himself warm there. Oh yea, there should be a bottle of wine but unfortunately, it was broken. Not too bad since it was not really expensive.

Oh wait! Also not forgetting the wine cigar he got it for 3 pounds. He bought it for fun and remembrance. =_="!

Some of them are smashed. So i just picked few of the nice ones for picture purpose. Yummy yummy.... But now, i only have few more left :(

Trying out the macaroons...

He even bought a cosmetic set for me which include an eyeliner, eyeshadow, lipstick and nail polish. The shades or colours he chose really suit my preference. Not bad. Not bad. And it is really a very good surprise! And i definitely love every single thing that he brought back from France for me or to be shared with me. Love you, dear. Appreciate the gifts. :)

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