Tuesday, March 23, 2010

~* When Eating Is The Best Thing To Do *~

Hola~ I tried the chilly pan mee at Super Kitchen Chilly Pan Mee in Kota Damansara last weekend.

It was similar to the dry version of pan mee but this had minced meat, fried shallot and poached egg but no sliced mushroom and black fungus. And the poached egg was not meant to be eaten on its own but it had to be mixed together with all the ingredients in the bowl.

Then, tea time was at the Ikea restaurant. I really wanted to try the open faced shrimp sandwich but i was not allowed to. So, i only had this Daim cake which was very nice but sinful since i have been eating a lot of chocolates lately.

This was definitely ordered by someone who tried to be healthy.

Dinner at Dragon One in SS2 (few shops away from Murni) together with mum. We ordered this Shanghainese Style La Mian with Crab Roe. I read from other blogs that this is so-called recommended but i really found it disappointing. It was somehow tasteless. Totally nothing to shout about. I don't recommend this at all.

Another main dish was Stir Fried Rice Flour Roll with Spicy Sauce. It was crispy outside and soft inside. Good thing about this - it was not too oily.

However, the snack was the best!
Deep Fried Spring Roll with Unagi and Yoghurt.

Warm yoghurt in the spring roll with the taste of unagi even though i could not really feel the meat in my mouth.

Overall, the dinner was just average. I don't think i will be going back there in the near future.

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