Sunday, March 28, 2010

~* Korean BBQ Buffet @ Ka Wha *~

Honestly, i never had Korean BBQ before this because i often thought that the money used for Korean BBQ would always be better if spent on other food. I found the price for Korean BBQ was expensive until i came across Mimi's Dining Room. She blogged about her dining experience at Ka Wha Korean BBQ Restaurant in Bangsar. Buffet style. RM48 per person. I got attracted. So, i pulled bf along for the buffet this evening.

Korean cold tea which tasted like water. (Bf looked so matching with the bottle.)

Banchan to feed the hungry people while waiting for the main course.

Sliced Pork which i found the taste weird after grilling it as if it had been frozen for quite sometime.

Sliced Mutton which i expected it to taste exactly like the pork but i was wrong. Perhaps, they gave me the sliced mutton with soy sauce. I don't know. But this mutton was definitely delicious!

Veggie to wrap the meat with the soy bean sauce. A good way to encourage people eating veggie.

Fried Glass Noodle that gave me a shock because of its big portion. It was nice with peppery taste but oily.

I really enjoyed eating this Pancake with Spring Onion and Seafood but again, it was oily! And the pancake was quite thick. I wonder if they did it on purpose besides serving large portion of rice and noodle to customers. By doing so, customers will get full fast and stop eating.

Nom nom nom... Juicy and tender Sliced Pork Neck Meat with Soy Sauce. I recommend this and not the sliced pork mentioned above.

Oyster Blade Wagyu
for bf since i could not take beef and he loved it.

He did all the grilling and cutting. I got scolded by him just because i wanted to do the cutting. What i did most of the time was just eating and drinking.

The cooked meat.


Soft Beancurd Stew. Pavilion Food Republic does a better job when it comes to this. The one at Ka Wha was just too spicy and i could feel the burning sensation in my throat.

Mackerel which has nothing special.

RM48 nett per person for a Korean BBQ buffet together with other Korean food? Totally worth my money! But bf and i have agreed that we won't really go for this again unless we really crave for a very meaty meal. Just too much meat for us today and and i guess our cholesterol level is higher now.

Oh ya, the place had a very poor ventilation system. We smelled like satay after coming out from the restaurant. And we were sweaty too!


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Autumn said...

you're very welcome :)