Sunday, April 4, 2010

*~ Lunch At The Riverside ~*

Yesteday, bf and i had a good lunch at Jalan Ipoh. I read about this place long time ago but i had never been there. Recently, i came across another blogger who wrote a review on this place, making me to have the urge to go there. She even snapped the pictures of the landmarks.

Boyfriend and i managed to locate the HSBC bank along Jalan Ipoh as being mentioned in the review. Then, we had to look for this signboard.

And we followed the flags that led us to the temple. And ta daa... the eating place was opposite the temple. It was not difficult to find this place at all.

Sea coconut drink.

Claypot Fish Head Noodle.
This was just average. I found the taste quite bland. But since they served to us the chopped garlic and we just love chopped garlic in soy sauce, so we had it together with the noodle. The combination was great! Anyway, it was weird to find sliced yam in this pot. Hmm...

Our favourite was the Fried Rice Cake (pak koh) that had cilantro (Chinese parsley) in it. Okay, i admit that i hate eating cilantro but it was very good in this dish! RM8 for this while the claypot fish head noodle cost RM7. By judging the portion, i found it quite expensive for a small plate but it was worth trying since it was reallt delicious and not many places have this.

Oh ya, did i mention that this place is at the riverside? :)

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