Wednesday, April 21, 2010

*~ Societea @ Kuchai Lama ~*

Mum, bf and i wanted to have dinner somewhere in Kuchai Lama but we could not find the place or perhaps the place had closed down. So, i thought of Rajah Brooke Cafe since mum had not been there. Unfortunately, it was closed down too. I thought of Societea which i came across when reading some blog reviews but i did not its exact location in Kuchai Lama. I gave a call to LiJing who had been there for directions. Thank you, babe.

Soursoup Soda Chiller.
Mum did not want to drink meanwhile bf and i shared this soda chiller. Bf and i always share a drink because i can't finish my own drink after eating. I usually just take a few sips unless i am really thirsty or i do feel like drinking or the drink is really nice. Anyway, i really love this soda chiller which is really suitable to quench thirst.

Crispy Grilled Chicken.
Okay, it was really crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. They offered a few sauces to choose from: brown sauce, black pepper sauce, honey lemon mustard. When boyfriend and i heard the last one, we went, "Honey lemon?!" And i just love honey... I was so surprised when this arrived at the table. I expected it to be served with the most common side dishes such as coleslaw and fries since when i asked the waitress if this would be served with fries, she answered, "Yes." I felt healthy having this and i definitely love the potatoes and the tangy honey lemon mustard.

Seafood Black Pepper Udon.
...with a scallop, mussel, prawn and a few squid rings. Peppery but not over spicy.

Another good news: No service charge, no government tax. And the price is just one or two ringgit more expensive than Kitchen Creatures. Kitchen Creatures had more categories of food but each category comprised only a few selections. But Societea had wider selections for each category even though the categories were lesser. Mum wanted to have rice but Societea served rice until 4.00 p.m. This means no rice for dinner. Mum just ate a little bit of everything and we took her to somewhere else to buy her dinner. Anyway, i might be going back there. :)


taufulou said... had manage to find this shop friend's place.. the food is definately quite good. . did a review for them previously..

Glad you like it too..:)

Autumn said...

yea yea... i read the review you wrote for them! the review on it really attracted me!

and i don't mind going back there again :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for liking us! =))
Do come back again...

Warm regards,