Sunday, April 18, 2010

~* Sarawak Laksa @ Nam Chuan *~

Bf and i had brunch at Nam Chuan, Lucky Garden, Bangsar. Besides the pork noodle, we also ordered a bowl of Sarawak Laksa to share. It is claimed to be the best laksa in Bangsar. You can search for it online and read so many reviews on Aunt Christina's Sarawak Laksa. I wanted to try the Hakka Abacus but they are no longer selling it because it requires a lot of works and they are too busy selling other food items.

For RM5.00, we got 3 fresh shrimps and shredded egg along with other common ingredients found in a bowl of curry laksa. The soup was very flavourful but not spicy even when i ate it together with the sambal belacan. I prefer it to be spicier. But, it was still very delicious. I won't mind going there again in the near future and trying other stuff. I know bf thinks the same way too :)

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taufulou said...

look delicious~