Thursday, March 25, 2010

*~ Have You Tried Fried Laksa? ~*

I definitely love today! I supposed to follow bf back to his college to do my work there since sitting at home would lead me to doing nothing and there was no electricity in during lunch time. But before going to his college, we went to have a bowl of cendol which bf recommended after he went there with his friends. It was located opposite this SJ Uptown sign whereby there were few other stalls selling food like Indian rojak, pisang goreng, and some light Indian food.

Okay. I am not really a fan of cendol besides drinking the coconut milk with gula Melaka. What made this cendol great was the nice aroma of the coconut milk. I felt weird having this because we were having dessert first before heavy meal.

Then, bf took me to Restoran Well Cook Gourmet in SS14 for Fried Laksa as lunch. Yes, fried laksa. It was my first time hearing and eating it. I am so outdated because when i searched online for this restaurant a moment ago, there were already well-known Malaysian floggers (food bloggers) wrote a review about the food there since few years back. Moreover, the restaurant is not that eye-catching.

Bf had Fried Tang-Hoon. It was not too oily and i could see there were several, and not a few, juicy shrimps in it.

Meanwhile, i tried the Fried Laksa. Surprisingly, it was flavourful. Although it was fried like the usual char kuey teow, i still could taste asam laksa. Yum yum... The dry version of asam laksa.

However, i read a comment when i did an online search just now about this restaurant. I felt like puking after reading it on what had happened and the owners' reaction. Click here to read.

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