Tuesday, March 9, 2010

*~ To Make Myself Feel Better ~*

The difference of 7 hours is just too much to bear with. When i go to college, he will be sleeping or perhaps, partying with his buddies there. When i am back, he just begins his day. When i sleep, he might be enjoying evening having croissant. I found myself checking the time in France nonstop. And i also found myself checking my phone from time to time hoping that there would be a message saying, "I miss you so much."

It's better not to hope so much on the last one since i am the one who asked him to save some credit for emergency use (RM14 per minute for a call, okay! Which is also equivalent to sending 7 SMS) and told him to leave a message to me the moment touching down in France and coming back to KL. Suddenly, i feel that's a very stupid advice T.T

He replied my message with an error yesterday. =/ On one hand, i asked myself if he had sent the message to the wrong person. On the other hand, i wondered how much my message meant to him since he just sent to me a message using his limited credit but wasn't careful enough to read my message.

Wait. Maybe it is really as simple as an human error in the message like he sometimes does and he does miss me. I might be wishing the messages from France will be good ones since it is hard to receive his messages while he's there. These messages mean so much to me to avoid missing him terribly.

My Facebook status writes, "Eh wait, i thought i 'm supposed to enjoy these two weeks being single."

Having all these craps is just to refrain myself from missing him so much; it is just self-comforting words.

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