Sunday, October 16, 2011

*~ Crumbs @ Pavilion ~*

Yay! Crumbs is finally here in Pavilion! I did not manage to have this when i was in Hong Kong. Now, i can have it whenever i want!

Look at all the different toppings available!

House Crumbs was free. Since i opted for a large cup of frozen yogurt, i could choose two more toppings. I had the original mochi and mini meringue. The mini meringue had nothing to shout about. The mochi, on the other hand, was nice to chew with the frozen yogurt. House Crumbs was the best. I think i can just have the frozen yogurt with just the crumbs... and more crumbs... and more crumbs...!

I wanted to have another cup immediately after i finished the first one but bf stopped me. Sigh.

I will be back for more!

And for the scones!

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