Sunday, November 28, 2010

~* Kita no Zen @ The Gardens *~

About two weeks ago, i had dinner with my former collegemates at Kita no Zen, The Gardens. Perhaps, you will see Hokaido Ichiba first rather than Kita no Zen. Okay, may be i am so used to the price at Sushi Zanmai, i think the food here is expensive for the same thing i can get at Sushi Zanmai. However, it is undeniable that the portions were quite big.

The service on that evening was bad. Our table ordered one Unagi set and it took forever to be served despite the complaints we made. The same went for the billing. It took forever for the bill to reach our table. If you ask me to go again, i will say no. Perhaps, i will go to the next door, Hokaido Ichiba for desserts.

The Unagi set.

Chicken Katsudon.

Unagi Don.

Rice with kakiage (fried vegetable) and shrimps

Rice with beef.

I totally have forgotten the name for all these. Sigh. I'm getting old.


Taufulou said...

heee..despite the bad service is the food good?

Simon Seow said...

I ordered Sanshoku Don when I was here last month. My review will be up tomorrow :p Yes, it's quite hard to get the attention from the staff when the place is packed. But not that bad lah.