Sunday, November 7, 2010

*~ Seafood @ Lala Chong ~*

After working for nearly two months, some of the colleagues who joined the company at the same time as me decided to go for seafood. One of them suggested Lala Chong at Kampung Kayu Sungai Ara, the same area where Pantai Seafood is located. Altogether, we had six dishes excluding the steam mantau (bun). Besides having a plate of vegetable to balance up our meal, we also had:

Salted Egg Crab.
Well, salted egg crab is not always my choice as i prefer crab with gravy. Hence, i can't really tell you whether this or Tak Fok's salted egg crab is better.

Creamy Butter Crab.
One of my favourite crab dishes. And yes, i can tell you that Tak Fok did a better job in this with the intense flavour.

Clams In Superior Stock.
I hate doing this again but i must admit that i still prefer to have this at Tak Fok. At Tak Fok, i remember that the soup was hot because of the ginger that gave comfort to my stomach and it had a hint of sweetness because of kei chi (wolfberries).

Kung Pou Mantis Prawn.
Nothing much to shout about this as it was pretty common and it always can be my favourite.

Fried Baby Squids with Honey.
I think not very suitable to be eaten with rice. It reminds me of those seafood snacks you can get from Pangkor Island. It goes better with beer.

There were 6 of us and if i am not mistaken, each of us paid about RM32. I can't remember the exact amount we paid since it had happened quite long ago. I might go back again for their Pucuk Paku (fern) with Tuna, Tau Foo Kang (beancurd in thick soup) and some other non crab dishes. We will see how everything goes.

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