Monday, November 1, 2010

*~ Memory Lane @ Reminisce ~*

I found out about this place when i was reading someone else's blog. Reminisce in Mid Valley which is at the same row as Chili's and Spaghetti Grill. It's towards the end of North Court.

This place reminds me Otak-Otak Place at Tropicana Mall, with all the games we used to play when we were kids.

Look at the fan, typewriter and melodian. Especially the melodian, remember it?

Chef Recommendation Egg Fried Rice with Yam and Chicken
set that came with a drink (barley) and dessert (green bean soup) of the day. I seriously have nothing to yell about this except that the price quite alright for a set meal (RM9.90).

Meanwhile, i ordered a set meal that came with 2 light snacks, lemon grass jelly with aloe vera and drink of the day (barley).

The first snack was this Pan-fried Carrot Cake topped with chicken floss. Since it was pan-fried, as expected, it was crispy outside and soft inside. Chicken floss made it looked a little bit special but actually, it hardly carried any weight.

Second snack in the set was this Steamed "Chee Cheong Fun". I like the belacan. I still remember how bf kept on taking the belacan from me to be eaten with his fried rice. Hmph!

Apart from the two set meals, we, or i should say it is just me, ordered two more side orders.

Chef Recommendation Crispy Spring Roll (RM3.90) with creamy minced chicken as filling. But i hope it could be cheesy too. It will be more sinful that way and give me the real satisfaction. :)

Stuffed Pork Ball with Satay Sauce (RM5.90). It was just using stuff pork ball that we can get from night market or steamboat restaurant. They topped it with satay sauce. Ta daa!

The price is pretty reasonable for a place at Mid Valley but it really depends on what you order. Like the fried rice, i just think it did not worth it at all in any way. I guess the rest of the main course should be okay judging from the pictures i saw here. Again, it is at Mid Valley where things tend to cost a little bit more. Will i go back? Yes, for the main course i have not tried.

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