Sunday, November 14, 2010

~* Wonderful Supper @ The Humble Chef *~

After leaving One Utama, i told bf that i would lead him to a place for supper. He got so curious and he insisted that at least i told him what we would be having. I told him that it could be considered as Western food but not 100%. I even told him that the place has a very nice environment.

So, i led him to Pusat Bandar Damansara and he thought we were going to mamak since there has nothing much other than mamak and fast food restaurants. After turning left at the McD's i told him to park at the road side. He went so clueless and asked me few times for confirmation.

I pointed at the small truck parked across the road and i said, "That's the one!" Yes, it's a truck. We were at The Humble Chef pretty early considering they only open from 9.30 p.m. onwards. A table was set up for us with the view of the highway. It was simply romantic. Open air. Quiet. Amazing night view of the highway. And all these did not cost a bomb.

We ordered a Lamb Pita (RM4.00). Pita bread stuffed with lettuce and cheesy minced lamb. Okay, the pocket was just enough for the lettuce and perhaps, a little bit of the minced lamb. That's why most of the minced lamb was on top rather than inside the pocket.

We also had this cream lamb pasta called Lamb Ragu (RM5.00), i think. I am not so sure about the spelling since the chefs themselves were unsure. Hello! All the pasta for just RM5.00! Where else can you get that? Anyway, bf and i just love this creamy pasta which was not too rich with cream and it went well with the bits of capsicum. Perfect choice if you are craving for creamy pasta for supper.

I would say that the location is strategic since it is so near to HELP Residence. Students are no longer depending on McD's and Ali Maju for supper. Instead, they can have something different. And The Humble Chef is the nearest supper spot compared to McD's and Ali Maju.

Unfortunately, we could not stay there for long because it started drizzling. :( We just took the container with us and had the pasta in the car while listening to the radio. And gosh, the songs on that evening were awesome.

It was just a very small surprise but to bf, it was a great one. He just loves the idea. He even said that he will be going back again until the chefs know his name. I doubt so. But i still don't mind going back to try other pasta and have another wonderful evening with the highway view. :) I felt so happy looking at his reaction and knowing that he loves the idea.

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